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A Gentle Rain

Pull a tile. Feel the texture on its back. Trace the interlacing lines with your fingertip.Breathe in.Push your fingers gently against the front. Notice its softness.Breathe out.Rotate. Glance around the board, for the perfect spot.Breathe in.Place it down. Not too quickly though. You, are in no rush.Breathe out. I pulled out Kevin Wilson’s A Gentle […]

Curious Cargo

The backstory of today’s game is a surreal, bleak and dystopian one. You make a deal with a mysterious person, perhaps in a dark back alley. What is now in your possession is a warehouse, empty save for a few dusty machines mounted on the walls. You are told that tomorrow morning a truck will […]

Review Love letter: Summoner Wars

No, Senji Kanai’s classic microgame classic does not have yet another retheme. This is an actual love letter, from me, to Summoner Wars. Its second edition is coming up soon, and when the pre-order was announced earlier this week it spurred in me an urge to let out all the fondness I have for this […]

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