Be Game, Do Crime?

We want board games to be gayer and queerer, in all senses of the words. Let games be joyous and weird, but also inclusive of more than just middle-aged germans and their fans. We want more people to experience the joy of being invested in the movement of printed cardboard and painted cubes, and for those who has felt this magic to enjoy it more.

What will we do? For now we are doing text reviews, but in the future? Who could say. Out goal is to be a beacon of enthusiasm for games that deserve more love. Expect chaos, inconsistency, but also an unwavering passion for board games.

Why do crime? Just see the toxic wasteland land that is left after some brave soul speaks up against sexist art or a white-washed depiction of colinalism on one of Boardgamegeek’s many forums. Those that benefit from the status quo, who often hold positions of power, might get uncomfortable and hostile when we are advocating for change. In the “real world” this can be dangerous and literally criminal. But that should not stop us. Do crime.

Zawadi (she/they)

Champion of weird and enemy of gatekeeping!

True board game omnivore, with a soft spot for card combos, negotiation and assymetric player powers. Needless to say, Sideral Confluence: Trading and Negotiation in the Elysium Quadrant is by far their favorite game. Does dislike Fluxx quite badly, but thinks it is awesome if you dig it.

If you say “party games are not real games”, they will fight you, dual weilding a copy of The Metagame and Funemployed.

Waseem (they/them)

Did someone say HEAVY COMPLICATED EURO? Will try anything once though.

Fairly new to the hobby but my collection grows in power on a daily basis. Terraforming mars was my first love but my tastes have diversified heavily since then.