Zawadi (they/them)

Wants to be weird without the cringe of trying. Can’t seem to stop using the words “dweeb”, “yeet” or “eep”.

Omnomnomnivore in the board game space, but is particularly weak to card combos and negotiation. Needless to say, Sideral Confluence: Trading and Negotiation in the Elysium Quadrant is by far their favorite game.

If you say “party games are not real games”, they will fight you, dual weilding a copy of The Metagame and Funemployed.

Waseem (they/them)

Did someone say HEAVY COMPLICATED EURO? Will try anything once though.

Fairly new to the hobby but my collection grows in power on a daily basis. Terraforming mars was my first love but my tastes have diversified heavily since then.