Original image by Twitter-user @bum_lung
Technically the original original is by Thomas Nast, an 19th century satirical cartoonist.

And we’re off!

Welcome to Be Game Do Crime, a board game site made by two Norway residents tired of shouting their opinions about board games into pillows and each other’s faces, who figured that what the internet needs is MORE OPINIONS, so here we are.

Expect game reviews, maybe some features and opinions if the mood strikes, and who knows what the future may bring. The newest hotness might pop up if it’s in our hands and we fancy giving it more attention for one reason or another, but we’d rather focus on games that don’t quite get the attention they deserve, or games that have proven themselves so be absolute classics in our collections. 

Also, inclusivity and diversity is important y’all! We’ll do our best to highlight games, publishers and designers that we think are doing good work in that regard, and we will be making fun of those who don’t. Tabletop gaming is an absolutely fabulous hobby that centers around play and human interaction, and should feel welcome to everyone, and not just the select few.

Most of all though, this will be the outlet for two cold dweebs to throw their opinions about games into the great void of the interwebs. Will it be consistent? Will it be good? Will it be game?! Who could say! But it will probably be something.

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